Keith Emerson • 2.November 1944 - 11.March 2016 • R.I.P Keith, we'll miss you

Greg Lake •10.November 1947 - 07.Dezember 2016 • R.I.P Greg, we'll miss you

Welcome to
Covers at an Exhibition

There are plenty of websites for trading ELP audience recordings
but what we’ve always missed is an important part – The Cover !!!
We feel it’s much better to have all information about the tracks,
venues etc. and – not least of all – it looks nicer on the shelf.
We've gathered a lot of covers from the Internet and with a little
(h)elp from some fans ( Thank you all !! )

We hope you enjoy this exhibition of Emerson, Lake & Palmer
and related artwork, mainly made by fans
for the love and respect for the music. Feel free to use these
covers for your own pleasure and please, don’t try to make any
profit with them.

If you have more artwork to add to this
website, please drop us a message
Thanks !

Gudrun Friederich, Germany and Paolo Rigoli, Italy


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