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This website tries to give all available information about E & L & P concerts, taken from various sources.We're sure this list is not complete at all
and it may have errors,so we'd like to ask for any help with dates/venues/cities and even for corrections about possible spelling mistakes. If you
have ticketstubs, posters, flyers etc.which are not shown here, or additional information about missing dates/venues, we'd be glad to get a mail

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Paolo Rigoli + Gudrun Friederich

New:  NICE 28.Nov 1968; NICE 1. Dec. 1968; NICE 14. Aug. 1968; ELP 19. Febr 1978; ELP 8. April 1971; ELP 5. April 1971;
ELPo 9.Sept. 1986; T-Bones 25. May + 11. Oct. 1966; ELP ticket 26. Feb. 1974; ELP ad 14. Aug. 1974;

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