Emerson Lake & Palmer



23.  August 
Plymouth Guildhall


29.  August 
"Debut", Isle of Wight


01.  December                     
Konzerthaus, Vienna


02.  December 


02.  December 


04.  December 
Limathaus, Zürich


04.  December 
Limathaus, Zürich


09.  December
Lyceum, London





"Live in London"


"Knife Edge, Live in London", Theater 140, Brussels, 6/7.Febr.1971


"LIVE" (3 LP set) (front only)


"LIVE" 2 CD set


"LIVE" Vol. 1 (LP) (front only)


"LIVE" Vol. 2 (LP) (front only)


"LIVE" Vol. 3 (LP) (front only)


12.  March 
ABC Cinema, Plymouth I


12.  March  ABC Cinema, Plymouth II
24. March City Hall, Sheffield


26.  March  "Rondo", Newcastle


26.  March  "Rock goes Classic", Newcastle


30.  April  Fillmore East, NY


26.  May  Carnegie Hall, NY


07. June (?) "There's no end to our live", Konzerthaus, Vienna


11.  June  "The Great Gates of Nürnberg" , Meistersingerhalle, Nürnberg


12.  June  Concertgebouw, Amsterdam


17(?)  June  "Live in Karlsruhe" Schwarzwaldhalle, Karlsruhe (front only)


17(?)  June  "Ride the tides of fate" Schwarzwaldhalle, Karlsruhe


20.  Juni (?)  "Sukrat", Royal Theater, Drury Lane, London (CD cover)


20.  Juni (?)  "Demon Seed", Royal Theater, Drury Lane, London (front only)


20.  Juni (?)  "Sukrat" , LP, Royal Theater, Drury Lane, London (front only)


20.  Juni (?)  "Palms", LP, Royal Theater, Drury Lane, London


19.  July  Hollywood Bowl, L.A.


19.  July  "At Hollywood Bowl", L.A.


19.  July  "Hollywood 71", Hollywood Bowl, L.A.


12.  August  "A time and a place", Stanley Park, Toronto


13.  August  Place de Nations, Montreal


21.  August  Auditorium Theater, Chicago


01.  September (mainly)        "Stomping Encore", Gaelic Park, NY
  12. November Music Hall, Boston


15.  November  Easttown Theater, Detroit


09.  December  City Hall, Sheffield
  11. December Odeon, Birmingham

     22.  March  Long Beach Arena, CA
     22.  March  "Trilogy by Trology", Long Beach Arena, CA
  30.  March  Bayfront Center, St. Petersburgh
10.  April (mainly)                "Promenade Gates", Academy of Music, NY


21.  April  "Abaddon's Bolero", Louisville, Kentucky


04.  June  Gruga Halle, Essen


04.  June  Gruga Halle, Essen


06.  June  Deutschlandhalle, Berlin


10.  June  Festhalle, Frankfurt


10.  June  "Violence Jack", Festhalle, Frankfurt


12.  June  "Fugue in Vienna", Stadthalle, Vienna


24.  June  "Puppets on Strings", Mehrzweckhalle, Wetzikon


25.  June  "Wisdom Decay", Stadio Comunale, Bologna


22.  July  "Rock Explosion", Korakuen Stadium, Tokio


22.  July  "Hoedown", Korakuen Stadium, Tokio


22.  July  ELP - Free, Korakuen Stadium, Tokio


24.  July  "Read the Riot Act", Baseball Stadium, Osaka


28.  July  "Tour of Americas", Long Beach Arena


28.  July  "Tour of Americas", Long Beach Arena, 3 LP set


11.  August  Mecca Arena, Milwaukee


13.  August  "Endless Enigma", Saratoga


13.  August  "Silver Sheriff", Saratoga, (front only)


13.  August  "Live in the Rockies", Saratoga, (front only)


13.  August  "Nebula", Saratoga, (with other tracks)


13.  August  "Tortured Dream", Saratoga


13.  August  "Pictures at an Exhibtion", Saratoga


19.  August  "Asbury Park 72", Asbury Park, NJ


30.  September  Oval Cricket Ground, NY


17.  November  Greens Playhouse, Glasgow


25.  November  "Sheffield 72", City Hall, Sheffield


26.  November  "Cut the Organ", Hammersmith Odeon, London


26.  November  "Nutrocker", Hammersmith Odeon, London (bad scans)


26.  November  "Weaver and the Web", Hammersmith Odeon, London (front only)


27.  November  The Dome, Brighton



31.  March  Philippshalle, Duesseldorf


31.  March  "God", Philippshalle, Duesseldorf


31.  March  "Someone get me a Ladder", Philippshalle, Duesseldorf


10.  April  "Canton 9", Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen


10.  April  Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen


12.  April  Stadthalle, Freiburg


13.  April  Sporthalle, Koeln


15.  April  Hallenstadion, Zürich


18.  April  Scandinavium, Goeteborg


23.  April  "Mein Kampf", Münsterlandhalle, Münster


24.  April  "Welcome back to the early Karn Evil 9 show", Olympiahalle, München


24.  April  Olympiahalle, München


24.  April  "Evil Fantasy" Olympiahalle, München


24.  April  "Live in Munich" Olympiahalle, München


25.  April  Konzerthaus, Vienna


02.  May  Stadio Flaminio, Rome


04.  May  Velodromo Vigorelli, Milano


07.  December                      "Aquakarn #10", Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto


07.  December  Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto


10.  December  Boston Gardens, Boston


17. December   "Silent Night", MSG, NY (Ayanami)


17.  December  "Silent Night", MSG, NY



02.  Februar  "Live in America", Convention Center, Anaheim


02.  Februar  "Callow, Crash & Idle Eyes", Convention Center, Anaheim


02.  Februar  "Callow, Crash & Idle Eyes", Convention Center, Anaheim (LP)


02.  Februar (mainly)            "Smashing the Piano", Convention Center, Anaheim and Wheeling 1977


02.  Februar   "Super Golden Radio Shows", Convention Center, Anaheim


02.  Februar Star Trek album


02.  Februar (mainly)   "Tank", Convention Center, Anaheim and Wheeling 1977 (front only)


01.  March  Lousiana State University, Baton Rouge


01.  March  "From Benny to Baton Rouge", Lousiana State University, Baton Rouge


26.  March 
"Benny the Bouncer", Henry Lewit Arena, Wichita


02. Apr il Assembly Center, Tulsa (= NOT March 7th in Civic Center)


06.  April  "California Jam", Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario


06.  April  "California Jam", Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario LP


20.  April  Empire Pool, Wembley


21.  April  Empire Pool, Wembley


01.  May  Empire Theater, Liverpool


01.  May  "Surgery Night in Liverpool", Empire Theater, Liverpool


07.  May  Palau d'Esports, Barcelona


11.  May  Hallenstadion, Zurich


17.  May  Stadthalle, Vienna


17.  May  "Classic Rock in Vienna"; Stadthalle, Vienna


25.  May  "Born of Evil", Ahoy-Halle, Rotterdam


25.  May  Ahoy-Halle, Rotterdam


25.  May  "Brain Salad Carnival", Ahoy-Halle, Rotterdam (front only)


26.  July  "Computer Violence", Rich Stadium, Buffalo


26.  July  "Karn Evil 9 Exhibition", Rich Stadium, Buffalo


26.  July  "Impressions", Rich Stadium, Buffalo


26.  July  "Brain Salad Surgery Tour", Rich Stadium, Buffalo


29.  July  "Toccata", Civic Center, Providence


10.  August  "The Dust of time", Motor Speedway, Charlotte,


20.  August  Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City


20.  August  "Praying for Survival", Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City



(?) Pirates, "Missing in Action"


(?) "Live Canada"


31. May  Cobo Hall, Detroit


01.  June  Cobo Hall, Detroit


05.  June  "Orchestra Night", Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee


05.  June  "Pirates in Milwaukee", Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee


12.  June  Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Des Moines


07.  July  MSG Day One, Madison Square Garden, NY (front only)


08.  July  MSG Day Two, Madison Square Garden, NY (front only)


08.  July  Madison Square Garden, NY


08.  July  "The Velvet Couts of Pirates", MSG, NY


10.  July  "An obligation Works", Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Conn


12.  July  "Welcome back Pirates", Boston Garden, Boston


12.  July  "Works on the Road", Boston Garden, Boston


14.  July  Civic Center, Providence


06.  August  Alemeda County Coliseum, Oakland


12.  August  "Looking out for no.1" (LP), Long Beach Arena


26.  August  Olympic Stadium, Montreal


22.  October  University of Maryland, Colefield House


22.  October  University of Maryland, Colefield House


11.  November                     Civic Auditorium Arena, Omaha


11.  November                     Civic Auditorium Arena, Omaha


18.  November                     "Mirrors" , Civic Center, Wheeling


27.  November  Bayfront Theater, St. Petersburgh


30.  November  "Live in New Haven" New Haven Coliseum


30.  November  "Slippin' on a Fanfare", New Haven Coliseum



? "Last Impression" mainly 1978,


18.  January                          Kitchener Auditorium, Kitchner, Canada


24.  January                          "Hunger for a Fortune", Indiana Hulman Civic Center, Terre Haute


05. February  Spectrum, Philadelphia


09. February  Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale


09. February  Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale


09. February  "Past and Present", Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale


10. February  Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale




03.  June  "Up Close" Radio Show


22.  July  Tower Theater, Philadelphia


22.  July  "Rebirth", Tower Theater, Philadelphia


22.  July  "Rehearsal at the Tower", Tower Theater, Philadelphia


22.  July  "Rehearsal at the Tower", Tower Theater, Philadelphia


25.  July  "Carillon", Wantagh Theater, Jones Beach


25.  July  "Live at Jones Beach", Wantagh Theater, Jones Beach


26.  July  Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel


28.  July  Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia


31.  July  Waterloo Village, Stanhope


31.  July  "Fanfare for America", Waterloo Village, Stanhope


11.  September                     "Above Moon", Koseinenkinkaikan, Tokio


14.  September  "Rondo", Koseinenkinkaikan, Osaka


16.  September  "10.000 Volt", Hitomikinekodo, Tokio


18.  September  "Shibuko Day 1"; Shibuya Kokaido, Tokio


19.  September  "Shibuko Day 2"; Shibuya Kokaido, Tokio


26.  September  Arena di Verona,


26.  September  "Paper Blood", Arena di Verona,


02.  October   "This town is ours tonight"; RAH, London


02.  October (?)   "Pirates"; probably RAH, London


07.  October  Huxley's Neue Welt, Berlin


10.  October  "Stad up Wien", Stadthalle, Vienna


13.  October  Siegerlandhalle, Siegen


20.  October  "Lost Voice", Philharmonie, Munich


28.  October  "Black Affair", Kongresszentrum, Stuttgart


07.  November  Congresgebouw, Hague


26.  November  City Hall, Newcastle



20.  February  "Can't quite match the Perfection", Riverside Theater, Milwaukee


19.  March                             "Live at the Wiltern", Wilthern Theater, Los Angeles


19.  March  "LA Knights", Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles (front only)


01.  April  Estadio, Santiago, Chile


05.  April  "Black Moon over Argentina", Obras Stadium, Buenos Aires (front only)


05.  April  "Historical at an Exhibition", Obras Stadium, Buenos Aires



23.  August                            Merriweather Post Pavillon, Columbia


11.  September  Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee


09.  October   "Welcome back my friends", Festival Hall, Osaka


09.  October   "Western Front", Festival Hall, Osaka


12.  October  Schibuya Kokaido, Tokio


15.  October  "Wild Tiger", Nakano Sun Palace, Tokio


17.  October  "Chasin the Fantastic", Nakano Sun Palace, Tokio


19.  October  "Eruption in Saitama", Bunka Center, Krawa, Saitama



"Over the Edge"


05.  July  Westfalenpark, Dortmund


06.  July  Daytona Europe Festival, Lahr


07.  July  "Montreux Jazz Festival", Montreux


13.  July  Elbufer, Dresden


21.  July  Foro Italico, Rome


21.  July  "Roma Caput Mundi", Foro Italico, Rome


25.  July  "Fanfare for the Kingdom", Kingdom Festival, Bellinzona


09.  August  "Schizomania in South America", Gran Rex, Buenos Aires


12. August  Estadio, Santiago


06.  September  Wolf Trap Farm Park, Vienna, VA


19.  September  Rosemont Theater, Chicago


14.  September                     "Knife Edge", Westbury, NY



02.  August                           "21st Century Schizoid Tarkus", Flynn Theater, Burlington


21.  August  Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls,


30.  August  Universal Amphitheater, Universal City, LA


30.  August  "Live in Amphitheater", Universal City, LA


30.  August   "All about Eve", Universal Amphitheater, Universal City, LA (front only)

Emerson Lake & Powell


ELPowell Rehearsals prob.at Emo's Home 1985 (front only)


Sprocket Studio Rehearsals 1986 (front only)


Tour Rehearsals 1986


"Live at Sprocket Studios 86"


"Heavy Rock Spectacular", Sprocket Studio Rehearsals (front only)


"Space Gospel"


12.  September     Mann Music Center, Philadelphia


12.  September  "Power and Glory", Mann Music Center, Philadelphia


16.  September  "Passion and Warfare", Great Woods Center, Mansfield (front only)


20.  September  Madison Square Garden, NY


23.  September  "The Court of Three Kings" Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland


23.  Sep.(mainly)                    "Welcome back to Powell's Show", Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland


04.  October  "The Score" Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland (front only)


04.  October  "Back in America", Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland


04.  Oct.(mainly)  "Coziness", Lakeland Civic Center + some tracks from 1972


31.  October  Pacific Theater, Costa Mesa


31.  October  Pacific Theater, Costa Mesa



14.  April                               "Howdown in Ritz", NY, WNEW USA FM


15.  April  "Live in Boston"; Paradise, Boston FM


06.  May  "Welcome to the Hoedown", San Jose


06.  May  "Live in San Jose"; Cabaret, San Jose


17.  May  Center Stage Theater, Atlanta



Chronicles Volume 1 - 7


Learning to fly


Wizzard of three faces           


Anthology Vol.1 (front only)


1966 VIP's


07. July  1996  Aliens of Extraordinary Ability


January or May  1998           "California Tarkus", Emo, Bonilla, Hughes & Dragon Choir, (front only)


16. January 1998                "Middle of back", Emo, Bonilla, Montrose, Hughes & Dragon Choir, San Juan Capistrano


17. January 1998     "Billboard Live", Emo, Bonilla, Montrose, Hughes & Dragon Choir, Sunset, Hollywood (front only)


30. January 1998     Emo, Bonilla, Moog, & Dragon Choir @NAMM


15. May 1998   Emo, Bonilla, Hughes, & Dragon Choir, Maritime Hall, S.F.


23. September 2000               Korg, Quest Hall, Hariuku, Tokio


27. April  2002  Emo @ totalrock

Keith Emerson Band


21. May  2004                         B.B.Kings, NY


21. May  2004  "Times Square for the common man"


21. May  2004  "Moogfest"


20. Nov  2004  KEB in Las Vegas


26. Nov  2004  "Living Sin", LA Amphitheater


13. Oct  2005  "Welcome back", Koseinenkinkaikan, Osaka


16. Oct  2005  "Most amazing show", Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, Tokio


24. Nov  2005  "Welcome back to Spain", Sala Macumba,Madrid


03. Dec.  2005  "Live at the Palabam", Mantova
20. June  2006  Rams Head Tavern, Annapolis, MD


20. July.  2006  Astoria, London



? "Welcome back my friends" (recorded live 1980)


30.  October  1981          ""Moore Attack '81", Hammersmith Odeon, London


21.  November  1981             "C'est la Vie" Toronto (mainly)


26.  October  1984 "Hard Rock Cafe, NY

Greg Lake Band


01.  November  2005             Festival Theater, Edinburgh


06.  November  2005 Alexandra Theater, Birmingham



" Atomic Carl "


04. June  1986                     "Go Clubbing", Palmer, Wetton, George & Airey, Marquee Club London


05. June 1986  "Go Clubbing2", Palmer, Wetton, George & Airey, Marquee Club London


26. May  2002  Palmer, Tagliavini & Cassetta, Discoteca 041, Marghera


30. January 2003                     Palmer, Tagliavini & Carcione, Teatro Ceccetti, Civitanova


02. December 2005                     BPS Braido, Palmer, Stevens, Stazzione Birra, Rome

Carl Palmer Band


April  2002  United Kingdom


14.  April  2002  "Barbarian in Croydon", Ashcroft Th., Croydon


01.  May  2002  Galopprennbahn, Krefeld


02.  May  2002  Kulturzentrum Franzis, Wetzlar


04.  May  2002  Blues Garage, Hannover


21.  November  2002             Spirit of 66, Verviers


04.  March  2005  Stazione Birra, Rome


02.  June  2006  IMAC Theater, Huntington, Long Island
03. June  2006  Rams Head Tavern, Annapolis, MD


24.  June  2008  Uhlenspiegel, Leonberg

ELP related

All Starr Band


10.  Aug.  2001                     Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City



02.  May  1982    "Asia in NY", Palladium


07.  October  1982     "Pas de Deux", Pavillon Baltrad, Paris


19.  October  1982  "Dreams again", Milano


6/7.  December  1983        "Enso Kai", Budokan, Tokio -5 different covers-


07.  September  2006             Avalon Ballroom, Boston


21.  July  2007  Loreley, St. Goarshausen


22.  April  2009  "An Extraordinary Night", Floral Pavillion, New Brighton


01.  August  2009  Savings Bank Ice Arena, Jamestown


02.  May  2010  Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg


07.  May  2010  Zeche, Bochum

King Crimson


05.  July  1969                      "In support of the Satanic Majesties", Hyde Park, London (mainly)


07.  September  1969                      "March for no Reason", Victoria Ballroom Jazz Club, Chesterfield


08.  September  1969                      "The Court of the Schizoid Man", Plumpton Festival



? BBC Sessions, (2 CD set)


31.  March  1970                    "It's all a dream", Berlin, Waldbuehne


02.  October  2002             "Fanfare for a dream", Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton


02.  October  2002  "Reunion of dream", Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton


06.  October  2002  Royal Festival Hall, London



02.  February  2000                The Robin Club, Wolverhampton


03.  February  2000  The Robin Club, Birmingham

Pete Sinfield


Summer  1973                        "Envelopes of yesterdays", London, ("Still" with Greg Lake)



Works at the Gardens




Final Tour


Great Performances Vol.1


Great Performances Vol.2 (back only)


Great Performances Vol.3


Assorted Works


21st Century Schizoid Rock


21st Century ELP

DVD's (single shows)


29.  September 1968                     NICE - Fairfield Hall, Croydon, GB


9.  December 1970                     ELP - "Pictures at an Exhibition", Lyceum, London


6+7 February 1971  ELP - "Masters from the Vaults", Theater 140, Brussels, Belgium


22 July 1972  ELP - "Live at Korakuen Ball Park 1972", Tokio


17 October 1986  ELPowell - Fox Theater, Detroit, USA


25 July 1992  ELP - Wantagh Theater, Jones Beach, USA,


21 November 1992  ELP - Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy,


16 March 1993  ELP - "Live at the Wiltern", Wiltern Theater, LA,


20 June 1997  ELP - "Hungarian Attack", Kiss Stadion, Budapest


22 June 1997  ELP - Spodek, Katowice, Poland


8.+ 9.+ 21. August 1997  ELP - Gran Rex Theater, Buenos Aires, Argentina


16. August 1997  ELP - Metropolitan, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


27 February 2001  Carl Palmer, Gianluca Tagliavini, Roberto Cassetta, Pesaro, Italy


01 December 2005  Keith Emerson Band - "On Fire", Auditorium Conciliazione, Rome


11 July 2006  Keith Emerson Band - Afraka Rock Festival, Napoli, Italy


22 July 2006  Carl Palmer Band - Afraka Rock Festival, Napoli, Italy

DVD's (compilations)


1977+1996                               ELP - NYC (Wisconsin, Montreal, Memphis, Mouline)


1986 -1993 "Touch and Go - A Retrospective" ( ELP, ELPowell, Three, Keith Emerson)


1968-1998 Keith - "Honky and stuff" (Nice, Best, Honky Aliens, Dragon Choir)